Kills Boro Brewing Company

MIXED FULL CASE (Six, 4-packs)

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Looking for some Kills Boro but want to switch it up a bit? Buy a mixed full case of our current, available 4-pack selection.

Which 4-packs are in this mixed case?

  • (1) "Plain Jane" Berliner Style Weiss w/Blueberry
  • (1) "Island Vibes" IPA
  • (1) "Against Better Judgement" New England Pale Ale
  • (1) "Loot Box" Porter w/Marshmallow and Peanut Butter
  • (1) “To The Dome” DDH Milkshake IPA w/Peach, Raspberry, & Marshmallow
  • (1) "The One With Nelson" Single Hopped Double Dry Hopped IPA